Welcome to Joind.in!

Written Jan 16, 2009 at 18:40 (0)

So, yes - I finally got around to adding a blog so that you can keep track of the latest updates around here. As new features and updates to the site are made, I'll report about them here.

For now, here's a brief summary of what this site is all about: The idea for Joind.in was tossed around between myself and Keith Casey (now a part of Blue Parabola) after the ZendCon 2008. At that conference, paper slips were handed out to each attendee for each of the talks to give their feedback. The general idea was that they'd rate the speaker and give them constructive comments about their presentation. These were collected and put together in a box somewhere (I guess) and pushed onto some group to go through them and summarize their contents.

This apparently took a little too long for some tastes and the ZendCon speakers were getting a little anxious to get some feedback. We knew there had to be a better way. That better way came out the other side as Joind.in.

The point of the site is to provide speakers (and organizations putting on conferences) immediate feedback on the talks and events they have scheduled. You can comment on each event and on each talk individually inside of it.

New features are being added every day like the "I was there" for events you attended and and API to let you interface directly with our systems (and possibly integrate it with your own conference website).

Stay tuned for more great features to come and, as always, if you have any suggestions about features you'd like to see of bugs you might have noticed, leave a comment below or let me know!

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