Going to php|tek? Share Your (Unconference) Thoughts

Written May 13, 2009 at 12:50 (0)

This year's php|tek conference is less than a week away and the speakers are getting slides ready and making final touches to them in preparation. The main session are all set (and have been for a bit now) but there's another opportunity that several others are taking advantage of that happens after the main sessions each day - the unconference.

So, what's interesting about an unconference, you ask? Well, Keith Casey used it to find a novel use for Joind.in - asking for feedback on unconference suggestions before the conference. As sessions are sent to him and added to the list, visitors (those that are attending or not) were invited to add feedback on the topics, showing which one they'd like to see most. There's nineteen listed as of the time of this post and around thirty comments between them.

It's an excellent way to get feedback on what people want to hear and has surprised me on how effective it's been so far. So, if you're planning on attending php|tek, get your vote in on which sessions you'd like to hear (and maybe suggest your own!)

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