Back in the Saddle Again

Written Sep 10, 2009 at 17:04 (0)

Wow, things have been busy...I know, I know. It's really not a good excuse, but I've been a slacker and haven't worked on the site as much as I've wanted to. Little excuses mound up into big ones and one thing leads to another and - well, you get the idea. No more!

That's enough of that - PHP conference season is getting back into full swing and there's no excuse for not getting back into the site. With great conferences like CodeWorks (PHP's very own traveling road show) and the PHP North West conference, there's plenty of great conference action coming your way.

Speaking of CodeWorks, if you're attending or speaking at one of the stops, you'll be happy to know that the full, updated schedule has been posted for each of the cities!

If you're speaking, be sure to claim those talks! If you're attending, hit that "I'll be there" button at the top to share your plans with others.

So, keep an eye on, there's good things coming. Work is going to start back up and new features will be coming soon!

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