Bug Fixes, A New Feedback Type and Speaker Profiles

Written Oct 10, 2009 at 19:01 (0)

As conference season gets into full swing (well, for the PHP community at least) I've been working more and more on updating Joind.in and making the site better and better. I've been fixing smaller bugs and adding new features to make the site work better over all. Here's just a few:

  • Corrected a bug in how the averages were being calculated to round more correctly.
  • Added actual comment to the email a speaker receives when a new comment is added to one of their talks.
  • Caching Twitter results for the events to get rid of some of the warnings the site was seeing.
  • Cosmetic changes for the speaker and event admin pages

There's two more new features, one that's included in the site now and one that's almost there and will be finished soon: a new "event related" section under each event and Speaker Profiles.

The Event Related feature allows for event organizers to define things (like "Facilities" or "Wifi") that are related to the event and let the attendees rank and comment on them too. This opens a whole new world of feedback options to the organizers, meaning that it's not just about rating the talks anymore - they can get your feedback on anything! If you look at an event (like the PHP North West 2009 event happening right now) you can see the new "Event Related" tab under it. In there you'll see how they've defined the facilities and refreshments for ranking. These work just like any other talk. General event comments can still be left on each event's page, but this just lets you get a bit finer grained.

Now, for the Speaker Profiles - the idea behind this one is to have a more centralized place where speakers can keep their information and let other groups (either those organizers using this site or outside groups) pull the information the speaker wants to share about themselves. Take Derick Rethans, for example - say for events on Joind.in, he wants to share just a photo and a bio for his speaker profile. He'll go in and set up his information and define which pieces of information he wants to share. There's also the ability to define a "key" he can give a group that will let them pull only the information defined by that key. Hopefully it'll give the speakers and organizers a much easier way to get speaker information than having to bug them with emails.

So there you have it - some smaller fixes and two great features (one coming soon to a joind.in near you!) Keep an eye out here for more great improvements to come!

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