Keeping it Between Friends

Written Nov 19, 2009 at 03:15 (0)

Have an event that you only wanted a certain group to be able to see and use but thought you could only list public ones here on Well, not anymore!

As of just a few minutes ago, I've added the support to make an event private and have an invite-only list to add those allowed. Setting it up is simple:

  • Edit the event - When you edit the event, you'll see there's a new option to make it private or not. When you make an event private, only the event admins and those who are invited can see it and its details.
  • Invite other users - Once you make the event private, you'll see a new item in the admin sidebar: "Invite List". By going here you can see the current invite list and send an invite out to another user. Right now you'll need to know their username to add them, but it'll support the full name soon too.

When the user gets the "you're invited" email, they'll have a link to click on to respond to the invite and will be forwarded to the event.

Hopefully this will help those groups that don't want to leave their events open to the world while still giving them all of the power and flexibility the site has to offer!

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