Splitting out the Sessions (Track Support!)

Written Feb 27, 2010 at 20:34 (0)

I'm proud to announce the latest feature for the events here on Joind.in - track support!

So many of the events that use the site have more than one thing going on at once. They might have different things going on in different rooms or places. Or they could just split thing out by different themes (topics, speaker groups, etc). Before now, all of the sessions were just lumped into one main grouping for the site without a way to split them up. With the new track support, it's easy to assign a track a session and filter the list based on that.

Events can have an many tracks as they want, but for right now, sessions can only have one track associated with them. This is next up on the list to add in, so keep your eyes open. This will let you not only make a definition like "Room #1" for a talk but it can also be in the "Advanced Technologies" track too.

Event admins can find the "Event Tracks" link in their sidebar to get started adding tracks right away. Then you can go into your sessions and add/update them with your tracks. When you have tracks on your event, you'll see a new tab on the even detail with links to them all for filtering down the main list.

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