Hosting: Generously Supplied by Combell

Written Aug 2, 2011 at 11:39 (0)

In recent weeks the Joind.In project has moved onto a new hosting platform. After launching the project in a quiet corner of the server used to host (both are the brain-child of @enygma), it had somewhat outgrown the resources available to it as more and more people used it for more and bigger events.

The new platform is generously provided by Combell, who are a large Belgian ISP. They are familiar faces (and often sponsors) at technical events in Europe, and we're very happy to have them supporting Joind.In! We now have a dedicated platform for the site, a staging area and a build server, all thanks to the support we have received.

In particular we'd like to thank Thijs Feryn who made it all happen, and of course Combell themselves. You can see their logo in our sidebar and footer, so do check them out.

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