Check it out, Claim your talk!

Written Mar 1, 2009 at 14:24 (0)

One thing that's been a bit of a sticking point since this site got going was speakers claiming their talks. Its been a bit of a difficult, manual process to send out the codes that the speakers needed to lay claim. That's a thing of the past now, though - there's a new kid in town (and he looks a lot like a little orange button).

You speakers out there, listen up - here's the new process:

  • Step one: log in to the site if you're not already
  • Step two: go to yout talk
  • Step three: click the "Claim this Talk" button
  • Step four: Wait for the approval email

You have to agree, much simpler! The only reason your request needs approval is to prevent someone else from claiming your talk. We want to be sure you get all of the credit that's due to you and have everything all linked up.

The code system is still in place for those that want to use it. If you're a conference organizer, you might still want to use the codes/claim links for your speakers in their acceptance email. If you want more info on how that works, send us a note and ask us how.

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