Movin' Right Along (Popular Posts, User Feeds & ZendCon '08!)

Written Mar 4, 2009 at 03:18 (0)

Alright guys and gals, it's time for a few new updates that have been made to the site. Here comes the list:

  • We've added a new sidebar to the blogs page that links to some of the other popular posts we've made here. Hopefully this will help more people find more of what they're looking for in their search for bloggy goodness.
  • Next up, we've added feeds for individual users that have lists of their talks (if they're a speaker) and comments they've made on the site. You can get to the feed in one of two ways, either via the url or with their user ID. I'm going to pick on Derick Rethans a bit here because he was one person who wanted something like this. You can either use their username, like, or you can use their user ID:
  • And, last, but definitely not least - the talks for the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2008 have been posted! That's right...the confernece where the idea for was spawned has finally been added! So, if you were there, head over and rate some of the talks or just leave some general feedback.

Stay tuned - we've got some really great stuff coming up including iCal integration, speaker "badges" they can put up on their site and expanded speaker profiles!

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