Save the Date! Statistics Are Great! (Yeah, it's lame, I know)

Written Mar 6, 2009 at 19:48 (0)

It's update time again and I have two new things to share - first up is a feature to help you keep track of the conferences/events you're seeing here on the site. We've added a little "Add to Calendar" link to each event's main page that feeds its details right back into your local calendaring software. It's just a standard ical format, so its flexible to work with anything that supports it.

The second thing I wanted to mention (this is the one I'm really excited about) is the amount of use this site is getting. It's easy to only think about your comments for the events you've gone to but there's lots more going on. Here's three events that have had some great talk comment turnouts:

  • PHP Quebec 2009 has had almost 20 talk comments with more coming in all the time
  • PHP UK 2009 saw 62 comments from its day-long series of talks
  • And last, but definitely not least, PHP North West 2009 currently sits proudly on top with over 160 talk comments from its attendees is exploding and we thank both those making the comments and the people putting the events on. We love that we've become a good tool to connect you guys and will definitely be here to help even more in the future!

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