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Italian Agile Day 2011

Italian Agile Day 2011

19.Nov.2011 - 20.Nov.2011 at Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Informatica e Automazione

L’Italian Agile Day 2011 è l'ottava edizione della conferenza gratuita di un giorno dedicata alle metodologie Agili per lo sviluppo…

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Italian Agile Day 2012

The Italian Agile Day is a one day conference for everything related to Agile and Lean in Italy. Now in…

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GOTO Berlin

GOTO Berlin

17.Oct.2013 - 18.Oct.2013 at Estrel Hotel & Convention Center

GOTO is the enterprise software development conference designed for team leads, architects, and project management and is organized by the…

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A full-day conference about real world experiences on applied Agile methodologies,
DevOps principles and Cloud infrastructure transformations.
You will attend…

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LAST Conference Sydney

LAST Conference Sydney

25.Jul.2016 - 25.Jul.2016 at UTS

LAST Conference 2016 Sydney is an affordable, grassroots mini-conference for Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking practitioners. The schedule encourages participation…

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IAD16 - Italian Agile Days 2016

IAD16 - Italian Agile Days 2016

18.Nov.2016 - 19.Nov.2016 at Universita di Pavia

Italian Agile Days is a two day conference for everything related to Agile and Lean in Italy. This year we…

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International PHP Conference

International PHP Conference

23.Oct.2017 - 27.Oct.2017 at Holiday Inn Munich City Center

The International PHP Conference is the world’s first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade for top-notch pragmatic…

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