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Seattle PHP Meetup Group January Meetup

AWS Night!!

Amazon is graciously providing the pizza and soda for this night where there will be a showcase of…

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php[architect] Web Summit Series: DevOps

DevOps, it’s a term that has been used a lot lately. It specifically began as a term to define the…

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Designing for elasticity on AWS

There are several points which architects and engineers should take into account when building new applications (or redesigning existing) in…

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DevOpsUtrecht: "15 ways to fail at DevOps" & "To AWS with Ansible"

Hi again!

It has been quite some time since you've last heard of us: we've been busy organizing our first…

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DEVit Web Conference 2017

DEVit Web Conference 2017

20.May.2017 - 21.May.2017 at Royal Theatre

Each year we meticulously vet and select remarkable speakers to deliver the best talks on web development. Whether it’s Frontend,…

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010PHP: To AWS with Ansible

010PHP: To AWS with Ansible

13.Jul.2017 - 13.Jul.2017 at DPDK

Remember last year, when we had our awesome rooftop barbecue over at DPDK? Celebrating our 3rd anniversary, with some tasty…

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