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Web-5 Conference 2013

Web-5 Conference 2013

14.Jun.2013 - 15.Jun.2013 at IUT de B├ęziers

After a successful first event (http://conf2012.web-5.org) we decided to go for another round of expert talks and fun in the…

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JsDay 2016

JsDay 2016

11.May.2016 - 12.May.2016 at Hotel San Marco

jsDay will be all about Javascript and web development. We'll show new development traits, best-pratices and success cases related to…

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ThunderPlains 2016

ThunderPlains 2016

03.Nov.2016 - 04.Nov.2016 at Oklahoma City Devon Boathouse

Thunder Plainsis a web and mobile developer conference organized by Techlahoma. The conference focuses on JavaScript and related technologies in…

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