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phpDay Spain 2015

phpDay Spain 2015


The phpDay Spain 2015 will take place on January 31, 2015 and is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and…

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ZgPHP meetup #42

ZgPHP meetup #42


Matej Baćo will speak about Go language - new small practical C like language for 21 century. When and how…

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10.Oct.2016 - 10.Oct.2016 at Théâtre de Paris

The European Go conference

11+ speakers selected among the creators of the most popular open source projects, CTOs of fast-growing…

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PHP Antwerp - Pre-PHPBenelux Meetup

PHP Antwerp - Pre-PHPBenelux Meetup

25.Jan.2017 - 25.Jan.2017 at MCS

We couldn't find any speakers for the meetup in time...

But instead of cancelling we decided to do this ourselves!

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PHP Warwickshire - October's Meetup - Get GOing with a new language

PHP Warwickshire - October's Meetup - Get GOing with a new language

26.Oct.2017 - 26.Oct.2017 at Engineering and Computing Building, Coventry University

For October's meetup, we have Kat Zien with us with her talk "Get GOing with a new language".



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Golang Bristol: Experiences with Go testing + lightning talks

After a few quiet months we're back in June with two or three exciting talks!

Martin Tournoij - "Experiences with…

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Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference

Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference

13.Jul.2018 - 14.Jul.2018 at MARITIME CONFERENCE CENTER

Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference is a polyglot event, designed to bring together programmers from the region, regardless of their choice of…

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