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Hasselt PHP - May 2015

Join us on May 27th to meet other PHP developers from the Hasselt area. Jan Oris will introduce us to…

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HasseltPHP - July 2015

You probably know that building good-looking website management interfaces is hard work. Join us on July 29th for our fourth…

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Hasselt PHP - September 2015

September Meetup

We're ready to start the school-year in style: this Wednesday, September 30th Wim Godden - a renowned international…

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April Meetup - PHP Limburg

April Meetup - PHP Limburg

26.Apr.2017 - 26.Apr.2017 at Corda Campus

For this month's meetup we're lucky to have Hannes Van De Vreken (@hannesvdvreken) return for a very useful topic for…

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September Meetup - PHP Limburg

September Meetup - PHP Limburg

30.Aug.2017 - 06.Sep.2017 at Aranere

or September we're planning on doing another meetup with only lightning talks!

The event will be hosted by Aranere (https://aranere.be/),…

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