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Magento 2 Seminar

Magento 2 Seminar


An event in Dutch to celebrate the arrival of Magento 2 (November 2015) and share technical information with 220 members…

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Magento Dev Dublin April - CLI & Stats

Magento Dev Dublin April - CLI & Stats

13.Apr.2017 - 13.Apr.2017 at Smartbox Group

Two presentations are prepared for this meetup:


Magento 2 CLI and Symfony console tips and tricks

Top 700 Magento…

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Mage Titans Italy 2017

Mage Titans Italy 2017

09.Jun.2017 - 09.Jun.2017 at MotorK

Mage Titans is a non-profit event, made possible only with the support of the community and our brilliant sponsors.

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