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PHP Dorset October 2015 Meetup

PHP Dorset October 2015 Meetup

05.Oct.2015 - 05.Oct.2015 at St Ambrose Church Hall

Dave Hulbert - Practical intro to using PhpSpec. AKA how to be lazy and write better code.

PhpSpec is a…

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Symfony UK: October 2016 -Open API & Blackfire & phpspec

We're a London community of Symfony developers committed to take PHP to the next level. Join us to deepen your…

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PHP Warwickshire - March meetup

PHP Warwickshire - March meetup

30.Mar.2017 - 30.Mar.2017 at Engineering and Computing Building, Coventry University

For March's meetup, we have Ciaran McNulty with us doing his talk "Driving Design with PhpSpec"


Is a SpecBDD…

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