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Techademy trainingday July 2012

It has taken a while because we were busy with both projects and conferences, but in July we will organize…

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Techademy QA trainingday (September 2012)

During this training day, full focus will be put on Quality Assurance. With a workshop on PHPUnit by Joshua Thijssen…

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PHPBenelux Meetup December 2014

December is upon us. Time to get settled for Christmas and New Year celebrations, the time to give to your…

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PHP Puebla August Meetup

This is the PHP Puebla users group's august meetup. We will have 3 talks.

* Front-end development with React.js components…

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17.Nov.2017 - 17.Nov.2017 at Prodent Fabriek

An international Magento developer event, focused on one thing: Testing. With a limited set of speakers, the aim is to…

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