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Meet the Fork CMS Community

Fork CMS Enthousiasts,

It has always been great pleasure to see fellow members of the Fork CMS Community. The success…

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Hasselt PHP - September 2015

September Meetup

We're ready to start the school-year in style: this Wednesday, September 30th Wim Godden - a renowned international…

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Codemotion Dubai 2016

Codemotion Dubai 2016

01.Apr.2016 - 02.Apr.2016 at Impact Hub

Codemotion Dubai is coming to the UAE for the first time on April 1st and 2nd. We are glad to…

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GlasgowPHP - May

GlasgowPHP - May

10.May.2016 - 10.May.2016 at Markup HQ

Software Design in PHP7

This talk covers the lessons learned on my journey of developing large-scale PHP applications for the…

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Northeast PHP 2016

Northeast PHP 2016

03.Aug.2016 - 05.Aug.2016 at Rodd Charlottetown

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.


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Laracon EU 2016

Laracon EU 2016

22.Aug.2016 - 24.Aug.2016 at Sugar City

Laracon EU is an international multi-track event focusing on in-depth technical talks directly tailored to empower you as a Laravel…

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TechCamp Memphis 2016

TechCamp Memphis 2016


A one ­day event that offers educational and networking opportunities for technology users at all levels, including IT professionals, web…

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AgentConf 2017

AgentConf 2017

20.Jan.2017 - 21.Jan.2017 at Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Forum

The Team behind Agent is partnered with „Plattform für digitale Initativen" Our goal is to get the best speakers from…

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