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AmsterdamPHP August 2012 Meeting

In our August meeting, the topic is now "Security".

Our speaker will be Joshua Thijssen, book author and speaker, well…

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CodeWorks '12 Conference Tour

CodeWorks '12 Conference Tour

25.Sep.2012 - 12.Dec.2012 at Multiple

Codeworks, our annual one-day conference tour, is back for yet another year to bring a full day of learning, fun,…

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PHPBenelux meetup Hasselt 2014

February is usually a very slow month for PHPBenelux because we're recovering from the conference. Our 2014 New Year's resolution…

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ZgPHP meetup #32: Coming of age

This is a big one! ZgPHP meetup 0b100000 will feature all three group organizers exercising their English speaking skills. Miro…

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PHPBenelux meetup 2014 at Inventis

We had a great summer break, but now it's time to get things moving again. Come and join us for…

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php[architect] Web Security Training

Web Security : In-Person Training : February 11th

Are you handling user input correctly, storing passwords securely, and guarding against…

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PHP Puebla August Meetup

This is the PHP Puebla users group's august meetup. We will have 3 talks.

* Front-end development with React.js components…

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ColumbusPHP: Avoid Leaving Your Users Security Warning Signs by Bill Condo

As developers we face a myriad of security decisions when creating websites which may disclose the level of security inside.…

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Codemotion Milan 2015

Codemotion Milan 2015

20.Nov.2015 - 21.Nov.2015 at Politecnico di Milano - Bovisa

Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and Spain and one of the bigger in Europe, with an international…

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PHP Reboot - Web Application Security

Application security is one of the most important (and probably most ignored) part of Web Applications. In this session, we…

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10.Mar.2016 - 11.Mar.2016 at Salt Palace

BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand…

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Darkmira Tour PHP 2016

Darkmira Tour PHP 2016

18.Mar.2016 - 20.Mar.2016 at Universidade Católica de Brasília

The Darkmira PHP Tour is a yearly international event that lasts 3 days, and aims at reviewing the state of…

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SouthEast LinuxFest

SouthEast LinuxFest

10.Jun.2016 - 12.Jun.2016 at Sheraton Charlotte Airport

The SouthEast LinuxFest is a community event for anyone who wants to learn more about Linux and Open Source Software.…

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Northeast PHP 2016

Northeast PHP 2016

03.Aug.2016 - 05.Aug.2016 at Rodd Charlottetown

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.


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ColumbusPHP Monthly Meeting - Aug 2016

ColumbusPHP Monthly Meeting - Aug 2016

10.Aug.2016 - 10.Aug.2016 at Downtown Tech Center

Our monthly meetup with a featured presentation.

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PHPConf.Asia 2016

PHPConf.Asia 2016

22.Aug.2016 - 24.Aug.2016 at The Matrix, Biopolis

PHPConf.Asia 2016 will take place between 22 & 24 August 2015 in Singapore - the Garden City of the East!…

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TechSummit Berlin 2017

TechSummit Berlin 2017

12.Apr.2017 - 12.Apr.2017 at Kulturbrauerei

Don’t miss this chance to hear expert speakers share tips, tricks and ideas on a wide range of tech topics.…

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