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ZgPHP meetup #32: Coming of age

This is a big one! ZgPHP meetup 0b100000 will feature all three group organizers exercising their English speaking skills. Miro…

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I am testing, therefore I code. Let's talk about testing PHP code in Belgrade, Serbia.

About conference

This conference aims…

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ColumbusPHP: PHP Unit Fundamentals by Matthew Radcliffe

As developers, we play a pivotal role in the quality assurance (Q/A) of the software we write. In this talk…

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PHPBenelux Conference 2016

PHPBenelux Conference 2016

29.Jan.2016 - 30.Jan.2016 at Ter Elst

We’re proud to announce that our call for proposals for the PHPBenelux Conference 2016 is now open. If you want…

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PHP Quebec - April 2016

PHP Quebec - April 2016

07.Apr.2016 - 07.Apr.2016 at Centre cloud.ca

Monthly meetup of the PHP Quebec user group. This event will be held in French.

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PHPUG Dresden Meetup

PHPUG Dresden Meetup

20.May.2016 - 20.May.2016 at SLUB Dresden

PHPUG Dresden Meetup Gruppe trifft sich zum 2. mal dieses Jahr.

Vorträge sind:
Akzeptanztests mit Codeception von Marcel Führer

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Northeast PHP 2016

Northeast PHP 2016

03.Aug.2016 - 05.Aug.2016 at Rodd Charlottetown

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.


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Mobile Application Testing Bootcamp

Mobile Application Testing Bootcamp

24.Sep.2016 - 25.Sep.2016 at SQA Solution office

Our two-day Mobile Application Testing course covers usability across multiple platforms
and resolutions, network and security testing, creating application unit…

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PHP Dorset October 2016

PHP Dorset October 2016

03.Oct.2016 - 03.Oct.2016 at Barclays Eagle Labs, County Gates House

Iain Poulson
Automated Acceptance Testing with Codeception

One of the biggest drains on our development team is manually performing acceptance…

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PHP Warwickshire - March meetup

PHP Warwickshire - March meetup

30.Mar.2017 - 30.Mar.2017 at Engineering and Computing Building, Coventry University

For March's meetup, we have Ciaran McNulty with us doing his talk "Driving Design with PhpSpec"


Is a SpecBDD…

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