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REST Fest 2011

REST Fest 2011

18.Aug.2011 - 20.Aug.2011 at NEXT Innovation Center

REST Fest is an unconference developed by Mike Amundsen and Benjamin Young. It will be held at the NEXT Center…

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MidwestPHP Conference

MidwestPHP Conference

02.Mar.2013 - 03.Mar.2013 at University of Minnesota's Continuing Education and Conference Center

MidwestPHP (March 2 and 3rd, 2013 - St. Paul, MN, USA) is a two-day conference in the heart of Minnesota…

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WordCamp Milwaukee

WordCamp Milwaukee

08.Jun.2013 - 09.Jun.2013 at Bucketworks

WordCamp Milwaukee is an informal, community-organized conference focused on learning and showcasing presentations on Blogging, Web Design, Web Development, Business…

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15.Oct.2016 - 15.Oct.2016 at Domstad

PFCongres is a single track Dutch conference for the starting webdevelopers. Beside sharing knowledge with colleages PFCongres is a perfect…

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Mobile UX London - Interaction with Dev/UX

Mobile UX London - Interaction with Dev/UX

27.Jul.2017 - 27.Jul.2017 at IDEALondon

The July meetup will be focused around the intersection between development and UX.


Jiri Jerabek, Intuit - Tightening the…

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