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phplx anniversary meetup - December 2013

09:30 - Registration
10:00 - Open Keynote - phplx team
10:30 - Xdebug Jump Start - Jorge Sá Pereira…

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PHP Dorset April Meetup

This month we have Derick Rethans the author of Xdebug, PHP internals contributor, OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. and PHP Engineer/Evangelist…

tagged dorset, mongodb, openstreetmap, xdebug

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PHP-WVL: September Meetup by King Foo at Roularta

The 11th PHP-WVL meetup will be held at the offices of Roularta where King Foo is sponsoring the beverages. We…

tagged php, statsd, ug, wvl, xdebug

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