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Techademy framework trainingday (september 2012)

Techademy framework trainingday (september 2012)

Noxlogic HQ

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During this training day, two different frameworks will get some attention. With a workshop on Symfony2 by Stefan Koopmanschap and a workshop on Doctrine 2 by Joshua Thijssen, you'll get started pretty quickly with working with these two tools.


WORKSHOP Symfony2 (09:30) Rating: 5 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Doctrine 2 (13:30) Rating: 4 of 5 1

24.Sep.2012 at 08:31 by pvankouteren (110 comments) (Feedback)

Same feedback as the previous event (

24.Sep.2012 at 13:12 by ricardo21 (3 comments) (Feedback)

After this workshop I have seen some interesting parts of symfony and doctrine.
I really needed some push to grasp the basics of using doctrine.

Within the same we have setup a running environment with tools as 'PHP composer'.
The doctrine part is quite different to understand (as beginner), but very easy explained by Joshua.

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