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PHP North East Conference 2013

PHP North East Conference 2013

The Tyneside Cinema

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The PHP North East User Group has been holding regular monthly events for over two years, and now we're holding our very own conference. On Tuesday 19th March 2013 we will be hosting a one day PHP conference at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne.

20.Mar.2013 at 08:19 by dcraig (4 comments) (Feedback)

A great conference, really good job from all the speakers, the sponsors did a fantastic job with the free swag and overall a fantastic event.

20.Mar.2013 at 13:14 by davegardnerisme (21 comments) (Feedback)

Loved the conference. The organisers did a fantastic job.

20.Mar.2013 at 23:37 by Mark Baker (120 comments) (Feedback)

Kudos to all the organisers, and their gang of helpers. Geordie hospitality has to be experienced to be appreciated. Already looking forward to 2014.

21.Mar.2013 at 23:35 by calum.bulmer (36 comments) (Feedback)

Well organised and a perfect venue. You cant really get much better than a cinema for projection screens :)

25.Mar.2013 at 14:27 by jonspark (11 comments) (Feedback)

Great venue, great talks, great organisation. Loved the day, can't wait for the next.

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