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PFCongres 2013

PFCongres 2013

13.Sep.2013 - 14.Sep.2013
Cursus- en vergadercentrum Domstad

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PFCongres is the web development conference of the year. As every previous year, we welcome a large group of web developers to update their knowledge. And we're extending from previous years. Next to our traditional conference day, it will now also be possible to attend full-day tutorials.


WORKSHOP Vagrant & Puppet workshop (10:00) Rating: 4 of 5 3
WORKSHOP Test improvement: Fit for the Agile context? (10:00) Rating: 3 of 5 Slides available 2
WORKSHOP A hands-on introduction to writing unittests using PHPUnit (13:45) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 5
WORKSHOP RESTful Services Made Easy with ZF2 (13:45) Rating: 4 of 5 3
SOCIAL EVENT Beer tasting (19:30)
Rating: 4 of 5 6


TALK Opening (09:00)
PFCongres crew
Rating: 3 of 5 13
TALK Debugging HTTP (09:15) Rating: 5 of 5 16
TALK Migrating a Zend Framework application to ZF 2 (09:15) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 4
TALK "Orcs 'n' All": A Journey to Mount Doom (via Facebook) (10:10) Rating: 4 of 5 16
TALK Moving (slowly) from SVN to Git (10:10) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 5
TALK Documenting Code for Dummies (10:10) Rating: 4 of 5 4
TALK Sassy Stylesheets with SCSS (11:15) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 9
TALK Your REST API: 10 things you are doing wrong (11:15) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 11
TALK PHPHooligans (11:15)
Ben, Auke van Slooten
Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 5
TALK MySQL EXPLAIN Explained (12:10)
Adrian Hardy
Rating: 4 of 5 4
TALK Frontend Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (12:10)
Arjan Eising
Rating: 3 of 5 8
TALK PHPCR: A better way to structure your content (12:10) Rating: 3 of 5 Slides available 3
TALK Productivity and the Pomodoro Technique (12:25) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 8
TALK Wat doet Netwerven? (12:40)
Remco Moolenaar
Rating: 3 of 5 1
TALK Testing with Codeception (13:50) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 12
TALK PHP Azure, a bright new day (13:50) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 3
TALK Discovering SPL (13:50) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 7
TALK PHP and C++ (14:35)
Emiel Bruintjes
Rating: 4 of 5 2
TALK 'ProTalking' your way into Open Source (14:45) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 12
TALK Serializing Entities for the frontend (14:45) Rating: 4 of 5 5
TALK UA testing with Selenium and PHPUnit (14:45) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 3
TALK Redis For The Everyday Developer (15:55) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 14
TALK Big, Linked en/of Open Data: wat is het en wat kunnen we er mee? (15:55) Rating: 5 of 5 5
TALK Parenting vs. Programming (15:55) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Advanced debugging with PHPStorm and Zend Server (16:25) Rating: 4 of 5 2
KEYNOTE Keynote (16:50)
Jesse Burkunk
Rating: 4 of 5 10
SOCIAL EVENT Drinks (18:00)
Rating: 5 of 5 10
SOCIAL EVENT Game night (19:30)
PFCongres crew
Rating: 5 of 5 9

14.Sep.2013 at 18:37 by rickkuipers (74 comments) (Feedback)

Great conference with great speakers for a great price!
And let's not forget about the unconference which had some awesome talks if you weren't interested in the talks on the main tracks.
Everything was smooth sailing, congratulations to the organizers!

15.Sep.2013 at 10:14 by DragonBe (313 comments) (Feedback)

Awesome conference! Very social and a lot of fun provided by the organisation, sponsors and attendees. This is a perfect blend where knowledge meets pleasure. A true community conference.

15.Sep.2013 at 10:21 by geekie (213 comments) (Feedback)

Great! The social aspect added to this conference made it into a true community conference - Absolutely loved it.

15.Sep.2013 at 11:28 by geehock (145 comments) (Feedback)

Met some old friends and made lots of new ones, I will definitely be coming back next year. Great job folks.

15.Sep.2013 at 11:40 by (83 comments) (Feedback)

Great conference. Very high density of inspiring talks. Hope to be back next year!

15.Sep.2013 at 14:37 by PHPetra (90 comments) (Feedback)

Simply a great conference!
A lot of surprisingly good talks this year, very high standards in the uncon as well.

Perfectly organized: great wifi, great food!, great talks, good book deals and very, very social.
Did I forget to mention the good beers?

I haven't heard a bad comment anywhere.
Now this IS value for money.

16.Sep.2013 at 10:36 by erikaheidi (31 comments) (Feedback)

Very well organised event, felt it very "cozy", with a great feeling of community. Inspiring and very informative talks, great food (loved the vegetarian options) and cool prizes!

17.Sep.2013 at 13:27 by pvankouteren (110 comments) (Feedback)

Got nothing bad to say about this conference. Location is perfect for people travelling by car AND by public transport. I found the level of talks higher than last year, which was great!
Lots of interaction guaranteed and opportunities to meet old friends an to make new ones.

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