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PHP UK Conference 2010

PHP UK Conference 2010

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, United Kingdom

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The PHP UK Conference is now in its fifth year and is bigger and better than ever. Friday's event has 16 different hour-long talks from some of the world's best PHP speakers, covering core, database and various specialist topics. It takes place at the modern Business Design Centre in London's bustling Islington area, close to Kings Cross and Euston and just two minutes walk from Angel underground station, and as usual we've arranged social events for both the evening before and straight after the event - the former being free to anyone to come along and the latter starting with a sponsored bar by Facebook (see The registration price also includes a buffet lunch and dessert, refreshments throughout the day, cloakroom facilities, access to discounted books from O'Reilly and Packt publishers, countless networking opportunities, and a raffle with over 50 prizes on offer.

26.Feb.2010 at 16:52 by stefan (400 comments) (Feedback)

Impressive wireless connectivity. Completely awesome, very well done. Venue is awesome, schedule is awesome. very well done.

27.Feb.2010 at 00:03 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Great Venue, think it couldn't have gone better from an attendee's point of view

27.Feb.2010 at 14:05 by webmartjohn (8 comments) (Feedback)

Only complaint about the venue would be that the bottom half of the screens did not have good visibility past about the 4th row in the sidetrack rooms - need taller rooms, or a staggered seating arrangement.

The food was average, but wasn't very hot - could have done with more places to sit and eat it. Perhaps in future just serve finger food at lunch, instead of something needing knife/fork? Easier to eat that walking around chatting.

Overall though, on the bits that one should really care about, which is content and quality of the talks, I was impressed - see you next year.

27.Feb.2010 at 14:59 by rjharrison (6 comments) (Feedback)

Good job everyone, I was impressed.

28.Feb.2010 at 13:40 by rowan_m (130 comments) (Feedback)

Smoothly done, the only things I'd mention were minor niggles.

The StampEx announcements in the auditorium, the venue really should have known better.

Agree with above, eating lunch involved a bit of a balancing act.

Then of course, the obvious - maybe a proper PA system for the raffle announcement at the end.

Other than that, great stuff. The layout of the stall / food area worked well, I ended up circulating round a lot of people rather than getting stuck in one corner.


The 500 capacity main auditorium room
5 sessions
Sidetrack 1
~230 capacity room (combined rooms D/E/F/G)
4 sessions
Sidetrack 2
~170 capacity room (room A)
3 sessions

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