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Nomad PHP July 2013

Nomad PHP July 2013


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Nomad PHP July
Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets
Corey Ballou

25.Jul.2013 at 21:33 by jasondmoss (4 comments) (Feedback)

Great job Corey.

I've learned _just_ enough to really want to dig into this much deeper. And thanks for sharing the code on github :)

25.Jul.2013 at 21:34 by wafy (19 comments) (Feedback)

An excellent intro to WebSockets, the demos were eye opening and fun. Can't wait to try to apply what I have learned.

29.Jul.2013 at 20:27 by adamculp (115 comments) (Feedback)

Great organization and conducted very well.

31.Jul.2013 at 11:08 by jakeasmith (10 comments) (Feedback)

Great talk! It was well organized, your slides were on point and the demos were creative. (Thanks for sharing the source code on GitHub!) I liked that you and Cal teamed up to answer questions throughout the talk instead of just holding it all until the end.

10.Sep.2013 at 02:50 by kaloyanraev (6 comments) (Feedback)

Excellent session!

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