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Nomad PHP September

Nomad PHP September


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Nomad PHP us the PHP User Group for those without a local PHP user Group. Don' miss out on all the learning and fun just because you don't have a group, join us each month as we hear great talks from great speakers.


TALK Beautiful Models in PHP (20:00)
Brandon Savage
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26.Sep.2013 at 20:43 by jasondmoss (4 comments) (Feedback)

Thank you Brandon,

Very clear and precise.

26.Sep.2013 at 20:48 by adamculp (115 comments) (Feedback)

Great job to the organizer. Cal does a wonderful job at moderating and organizing these events.

26.Sep.2013 at 20:51 by manzwebdesigns (25 comments) (Feedback)

Thanks for the talk... I think I am understanding better how to use a model. :)

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