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DrupalCampNW 2013

DrupalCampNW 2013

22.Nov.2013 - 24.Nov.2013
The Hive

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DrupalCampNW 2013 is an event run by the North West Drupal User Group (NWDUG) and Manchester Digitial to bring together people interested in the content management framework, Drupal, for a 3 day conference.

November 22nd will consist of a business day where we bring together businesses interested in Drupal and open source.

November 23rd and 24th is the main developer and site builder conference. This will consist of sessions about using Drupal, building sites with Drupal, and related technologies.

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Phil Norton

24.Nov.2013 at 13:12 by Eli-T (71 comments) (Feedback)

DrupalCampNW was a great event last year and has stepped up it's game this year. The main venue and the sprint venue were great and inspiring locations. The talks (as far as I saw them) were relevant and almost of of very high quality. Seeing high profile speakers from outside the Drupal community is also great and build on the theme of "Getting off the Island" so important in the Drupal world right now. The ease with which the event seemed to progress betrayed the amount of work put in by the organisers. The evening social venue whilst not too close to the main event worked well as a dedicated space.

25.Nov.2013 at 08:42 by lornajane (74 comments) (Feedback)

A very well-organised event! I LOVED the venue and also the very good level of "orientation" information, I knew where the tracks were, where and when food would be, and how to get to the social. Very impressive. I'm an outsider to this community but was immediately introduced to a few people and felt very comfortable and at home. Thankyou :)

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