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Nomad PHP - June 2014

Nomad PHP - June 2014


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Nomad PHP is an online user group. We host meetings featuring top speakers from around the world. Each month we bring you new opportunities to learn and grow as a PHP developer.

20.Jun.2014 at 07:25 by garoevans (8 comments) (Feedback)

Really enjoyed the whole event. Will have to try the Europe one. Is there a first time only free trial? Think it would give me the boot up the a** to give it a proper try!

08.Jul.2014 at 10:31 by harikt (50 comments) (Feedback)

Hearing the video there was some problems, probably with the editing though. The sound is much faster than the slides. So it is a bit hard to follow up ( not regarding your voice or something ).

Explaining about codes, the slides were lagging. Cal you should make sure on this for download videos.

Thank you.

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