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Dallas PHP - Get hooked on git hooks

Dallas PHP - Get hooked on git hooks

Softlayer offices

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Git hooks allow you to do nearly anything you want them to on certain git actions such as merging, committing, or updating. You could even build a simple continuous integration system using git hooks, shell scripts, and chicken wire. This talk will cover the basics of local and remote git hooks and build some useful hooks to help your team build better software and improve your development workflow.

Example hooks will include running PHPCS before you commit locally, running lint and PHPCS remotely when pushing to the remote git repository, and automagically creating review requests in Review Board for new commits.

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12.Aug.2014 at 19:51 by msangapu (10 comments) (Feedback)

Very good speaker. Enjoyed your talk and sense of humor. I definitely learned some material that I could put to use.

13.Aug.2014 at 08:54 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Great overview of all the hooks available, useful ways to incorporate them into your code management procedures, even detailed code to implement several. This presentation had a lot of 'meat'.
Very good presenter. I sat in the back of the room and could hear and understand him.

13.Aug.2014 at 17:05 by obrignoni (1 comments) (Feedback)

It was a great presentation with useful techniques and applicable examples. You did a good job with explaining what could seem complex to people who have never used hooks before.

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