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New features of PHP 5.6 - Webinar

New features of PHP 5.6 - Webinar


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This is a free TechAdemy webinar where we will discuss the latest and greatest PHP version. We will talk about variadic functions, constant scalar expressions, how to upgrade and what to take care of when migrating.

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Joshua Thijssen


TALK New features of PHP 5.6 (20:00) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 2

09.Sep.2014 at 21:20 by Anonymous (Feedback)

I don't know if it was me, fuze, or speakerdeck, but slide 1 was the only slide visible for the first 5 minutes. After closing and reopening fuze I could see the other slides, but only if I did not open the chat box.

Also fuze only shows the top half of the slides on my laptop. Seems that it doesn't scale the content to the resolution.

09.Sep.2014 at 21:30 by kguest (35 comments) (Feedback)

I could only read the slides on-line - fuze only have an amd64 .deb for Ubuntu, none for i636. They don't mention this in their text-only .readme file that tells linux users how to download the client nor sniff the User-Agent string fully to glean what architecture the user might be running.

So about the fuze client end of things I'm deeply disappointed - I couldn't hear anything that the speaker (Joshua) was saying. It's just as well that the webinar was free, or I'd be demanding my money back.

Nonetheless, I was still able to follow Joshua's slides and learn a lot from them.

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