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Omni Adams - Building rock solid software in the real world

Omni Adams - Building rock solid software in the real world

Dallas PHP - Softlayer

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As a professional developer, you already do all of the best practices. You store your code in a source control and write unit tests. You already know all of the patterns and when to use them. Your code is perfect and beautiful. Then you hire another developer. He puts his braces in the wrong place and uses different formatting then you. He keeps committing broken code to your code base. Then you add another two members to your team along with a junior developer. All of your beautiful code is getting ugly, brittle, poorly documented, and hard to maintain. We'll discuss some of the pitfalls and strategies when developing software in the real world, from style guides to code reviews to automated checks that keep your team from imploding in ego-driven angst.

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10.Mar.2015 at 20:32 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Great talk. The example git hooks were especially helpful.

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