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PHP Johannesburg - South Africa 2015

PHP Johannesburg - South Africa 2015

01.Oct.2015 - 02.Oct.2015
Blandford Manor

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Our 2nd Annual PHP Johannesburg Conference. We welcome topics from all over the world.

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PHP South Africa

03.Oct.2015 at 14:53 by zash (12 comments) (Feedback)

This was the best PHP conference I'd been too :p

On a serious note though, the fact that over 3 days there was only about 10 minutes interruption in total despite speaker's laptops having display issues or speaker's unable to make their presentation *@dshafik saves the day!* shows just how well this was organised. The international speakers were of rock star status, the presentations were all of great value to any PHP developer and the food was pretty good.

Thank you PHP Johannesburg and sponsors for this experience.

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