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Designing for elasticity on AWS

Designing for elasticity on AWS


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There are several points which architects and engineers should take into account when building new applications (or redesigning existing) in order to archive high elasticity on AWS. The presentation will reveal some best practices related to elasticity, redundancy and cost-effectiveness of AWS learned from the past.

Nordcloud will be sponsoring pizza and soft drinks at this meetup.


No talks available at the moment.

26.May.2015 at 19:58 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Hi Anton,

It would be great if we could have a meetup regarding VPNs in aws. Any experience with it? Across different regions, openvpn, and so on.

It's just a suggestion for adding to the list of future talks.


28.May.2015 at 13:22 by antonbabenko (2 comments) (Feedback)

Yes, this is possible. I don't have enough experience with VPN, but I will try to reach people who does have enough experience using it. We will try to prepare our agenda during next week for the next meetup which will be approx in a month.

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