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php|tek 2009 Unconference

php|tek 2009 Unconference

20.May.2009 - 22.May.2009
Chicago, IL

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Submissions/voting is now closed. The schedule is available here:

What's an UnConference you ask? Have you heard of BarCamp? How about PodCamp? They're all UnConfs. The point of an UnConf is to get rid of the structure and provide an event that is almost entirely community-driven, focused on interesting topics of the moment, and engages everyone at whatever level they can. Normally, people kick around presentation ideas, they get voted on day of the UnConf, a bit of chaos ensues, and a schedule pops out the other end. That means you don't necessarily know who will be there or what the topics will be. But that's where we're a little different... since we're attached to php|tek, we know who will be there and we can choose some of the topics in advance and put the word out in advance. Keep an eye out for updates, pitches, and ideas.

Submissions/voting is now closed. The schedule is available here:

19.May.2009 at 16:44 by caseysoftware (105 comments) (Feedback)

Sessions scheduled for May 20-22nd will be given at the conference.

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