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PHP Dublin June Meeting 2015

PHP Dublin June Meeting 2015

Kittman Labs. Dublin

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Our 6th meeting this year. Click in for details of change of venue.

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TALK Managing the Expectations of Clients and Managers (19:15)
Barry O'Sullivan
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TALK Phing (20:15) Rating: 0 of 5 Slides available 0

24.Jun.2015 at 08:31 by kguest (35 comments) (Feedback)

Excellent new venue - good and close to Connolly Station for those that need it ;-) Seeing as I gave one, I can't say "the talks were excellent", but Barry's talk on managing expectations certainly was. Good to see all the familiar faces and some new ones.

24.Jun.2015 at 11:15 by Anonymous (Feedback)

Thanks for your talk, Ken. Great to meet you.

Only suggestion I'd have is that your phing code used i more real world examples to further explain how it's used.



24.Jun.2015 at 14:05 by phpdublin (1 comments) (Feedback)

Thanks Rod,

I appreciate your feedback and will work more real world examples into the slides for the next time I give a talk ;-)


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