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PHP Dorset October 2015 Meetup

PHP Dorset October 2015 Meetup

05.Oct.2015 - 05.Oct.2015
St Ambrose Church Hall

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Dave Hulbert - Practical intro to using PhpSpec. AKA how to be lazy and write better code.

PhpSpec is a tool for "SpecBDD". Basically test-driven development (TDD) but without the word "test" in it. This talk shows how to effectively use PhpSpec for fun and/or profit, and the advantages to using it along side other tools like PHPUnit and why it's "literally" made of awesomesauce.

We'll start off with a breakneck primer on unit testing with PHPUnit and basic TDD concepts. Then we'll move on to getting set up with PhpSpec, followed by a guided tour of its main features. By the end of the talk you'll have techniques to take advantage of your natural inclination to lazyness to actually help you write better code.

Dave Hulbert (@dave1010) is technical lead at Base and co-founder of PHP Dorset. Years ago he started in a team of 1, teaching himself how to write better software, and since then has moved on to teaching other much cleverer people how to write better software instead.

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