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ColumbusPHP: PHP Unit Fundamentals by Matthew Radcliffe

ColumbusPHP: PHP Unit Fundamentals by Matthew Radcliffe

Downtown Tech Center

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As developers, we play a pivotal role in the quality assurance (Q/A) of the software we write. In this talk I will introduce the fundamentals of Q/A and unit testing in PHP with the PHPUnit framework. We will explore the various tools that PHPUnit provides us as developers to write effective and concise unit tests, and we will look at how to leverage unit tests in test environments with such tools as TravisCI. Finally we will hack the code that I wrote for PHPColumbus Code Challenge #1 with the goal to improve its quality and testability. Everyone is encouraged to attend no matter their developer experience.


TALK PHP Unit Fundamentals by Matthew Radcliffe (18:00)
Matthew Radcliffe
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14.Oct.2015 at 19:57 by Anonymous (Feedback)

This was pretty good!

14.Oct.2015 at 20:04 by danko.stojanovic (5 comments) (Feedback)

Great presentation. Great bonus was when Matthew braved into live coding and it was very useful to see his thought process as well.

15.Oct.2015 at 07:15 by jeremyvaught (3 comments) (Feedback)

I enjoyed the talk. Testing is a mental block for me for some reason but this talk made it feel very approachable.


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