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PHPBenelux October meeting 2010

PHPBenelux October meeting 2010

Inventis bvba

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We are happy to announce our next meeting in Houthalen (B) on October 27, 2010. Just like last year, Inventis will sponsor the location and Webble will sponsor food and drinks.

Our speakers:
Dennis De Cock is CEO and founder of DeCockICT bvba and is heavily involved in Zend Framework and Drupal projects. He's not a stranger to our community as he has presented ZendX_JQuery at our February meeting in Leuven earlier this year. Today he's speaking about Zend_Pdf and the challenges he faced getting this component working.

Ivo Jansch (@ijansch) has been involved with PHP since forever and is now co-founder of a new start-up in the mobile development industry called Enigiq. He too is already a known speaker at our meetings as he presented "php and the cloud" at our October meeting in Ghent last year.

Our sponsors:
Inventis will be providing the venue for our meeting in the quiet area of Houthalen, in the east of Belgium.

"If you look for a real partner for a web-design project -from creation to reinvention- Inventis can be of service. Working with Inventis means appealing web design, as well as solid and reliable web development."

Weble will be providing food and drinks this meeting, since this is important too.

"Weble is a dynamic internet hosting firm opting for Quality, Flexibility and Ability. Weble is specialised in LAMP-hosting: Linux Apache mySQL PHP, and as a consequence addresses itself to professional web builders exclusively."


TALK Zend_Pdf (19:30) Rating: 4 of 5 8
TALK PHP in a mobile ecosystem (20:45)
Ivo Jansch
Rating: 5 of 5 9

28.Oct.2010 at 01:13 by DragonBe (310 comments) (Feedback)

Nothing but positive vibes for our hosts tonight. The whole Inventis team have given their best to make all attendees feel welcome and at ease.
Many thanks to Weble for providing us with food and drinks! Thanks.

On a side note: Chris, thank you for providing me with my iterative cafeine fix. You rock!

28.Oct.2010 at 09:28 by tschuermans (23 comments) (Feedback)

Very nice and well organised event.
I'm going to attend more of these meetings in the future.
Had a very nice time listening to the talks and socializing afterwards


28.Oct.2010 at 10:11 by felixdv (41 comments) (Feedback)

Inventis were perfect hosts, drinks and food (thanks to Weble) were always around and all other practical things (beamer, chairs, ..) were perfectly arranged. I liked the twitter tv :-)

Of course thanks to the PHPBenelux team for again making the contents of this UG meeting rock. A lot of work goes into preparing such a meeting, and it's appreciated!

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