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PHP Dorset December 2015 Meetup

PHP Dorset December 2015 Meetup

07.Dec.2015 - 07.Dec.2015
St. Ambrose Church Hall

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Daniel Leech: PHPBench

Making performant systems is often a goal in web development. There are many ways to monitor and verify performance, from commercial services such as Newrelic, using profilers such as Blackfire or XDebug, or simply using Curl or Firebug. These methods, however, act upon the whole request. How should we measure and profile the performance of units of code?

In this talk Daniel Leech will talk about benchmarking code in PHP and will present a tool with which to do it: PHPBench.

Alex Ross: Fast Websites with PHP 7

PHP 7 will be released in November 2015. With it’s impressive 100%+ speed improvements and lower memory usage find out about the new PHP 7 spaceships, return & scalar type hints.

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