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ScotlandJS 2016

ScotlandJS 2016

02.Jun.2016 - 03.Jun.2016
Our Dynamic Earth

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ScotlandJS is a warm, friendly and fast paced, two day single track conference held in the beautiful city of Edinburgh on June 2nd and 3rd 2016.

Speakers and attendees come to visit us from around the globe to share their experience and knowledge on all matters JavaScript!

Here is what some previous attendees have said:

“There was a rich commitment to accessibility & diversity in the talks, speakers, facility, & event.”

“A well curated conference, with engaging and inspiring content. An excellent excuse to visit the wonderful city of Edinburgh”.

“A great place for learning new things, meeting a friendly community, in a unique and beautiful city”

What are you waiting for, you know you want to share your knowledge, you know you want to visit Edinburgh, submit that talk!

PS: You might also want to propose a talk at ScotlandCSS which is on June 1st.

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Peter Aitken
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