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PHP Community Conference

PHP Community Conference

20.Apr.2011 - 22.Apr.2011
3rd aVenue South

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The PHP Community Conference is all about you! Come on out to Nashville for a different kind of conference this spring. We're going to hear from community members about projects they're working on and how they were inspired. It's going to be a fun, laid-back event where you and the people you'll meet can collaborate to build some awesome applications of your own with PHP. Ticket sales will begin on February 3, 2011.

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Ben RamseyLisa DenlingerNicholas Sloan

04.May.2011 at 10:18 by chrismcnatt (11 comments) (Feedback)

Overall, this was a great conference. There were a few things that I would change to make it even better next year, but overall, it was great, especially considering this was the first year it was held. The venue was nice, but the downstairs area was difficult to hear speakers sometimes, even with the microphones because the acoustics downstairs was not great. Also, since there were people right above us, you could hear the speaker talking above and people dropping things on the floor, which made it difficult to hear. There were not enough bathrooms for men, which is a first at any event I have been too. It is usually the opposite, with women having to wait to use the bathrooms. Remedy this by selecting a venue with more bathrooms. Also, the first day, the Wi-Fi wasn't accessible after the first 15 minutes or so because so many attendees were downloading torrents. It was nice to have the tables set up for attendees with laptops, but all the tables were not accessible to plugs at the very beginning. Also, the second day, the tables were removed. I would have liked to been able to use the tables the second day as well. It would have been nice to have tables available for both days with the chairs for those who didn't need or want to use the tables. Finally, the chairs were not very comfortable at all. I am somewhat of an exception, considering that i am very young to have had a hip replacement, but I'm sure more comfortable chairs would have been appreciated by all, considering we used them for two days. The Pecha Kucha talks were so fun and the food and atmosphere both days was GREAT!!! I am EXTREMELY grateful to Ben Ramsey, Lisa Denlinger, and Nicholas Sloan for hosting this conference. A big thanks to AVenue for letting us have the conference there and a HUGE thanks to Red Ventures for hosting the "after AFTER party" which was unbelievably good. Also, a big thanks to our media, community, silver, and gold sponsors, as well as the platinum sponsor, Cake PHP. Finally, I am looking forward to many more years of this conference and am grateful I will be able to say that I was at the FIRST annual PHP Community Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I definitely am looking forward to many more great conferences in Nashville with phenomenal speakers and interactions with fellow PHP programmers. THANKS FOR A GREAT CONFERENCE!!!

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