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SymfonyLive Cologne 2016

SymfonyLive Cologne 2016

27.Apr.2016 - 29.Apr.2016

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Wir freuen uns, die fünfte Ausgabe der SymfonyLive in Deutschland anzukündigen. In diesem Jahr kehren wir mit der SymfonyLive nach Köln zurück, wo von 2009 bis 2011 bereits der SymfonyDay stattfand!

Damit wird es mit 2016 gleich zwei offizielle Symfony Konferenzen in Deutschland geben. Neben der internationalen SymfonyCon Ende des Jahres in Berlin wird sich die SymfonyLive in Köln auf deutschsprachige Talks konzentrieren.


WORKSHOP Going Further With Symfony (09:30)
Rating: 3 of 5 1
WORKSHOP REST Services with Symfony (09:30) Rating: 3 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Doctrine ORM Basics (09:30) Rating: 4 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Towards Symfony3 (09:30) Rating: 5 of 5 4
WORKSHOP Symfony Forms Best Practices (09:30) Rating: 5 of 5 1


WORKSHOP Maintainable Doctrine ORM Applications (09:30) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 1
WORKSHOP Symfony Best Practices (09:30) Rating: 4 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Symfony Forms Master Class (09:30) Rating: 5 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Meet Drupal 8 (09:30)
Campbell Vertesi
Rating: 1 of 5 4
WORKSHOP Functional Testing in Symfony (09:30) Rating: 5 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Integrating existing Symfony framework applications to eZ Platform, a full stack Symfony CMS (09:30)
Jani Tarvainen
Rating: 0 of 5 0


KEYNOTE Superhelden im Porzellanladen (08:30) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 7
TALK Symfony Forms: Dos and Don'ts (09:00) Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 7
TALK Maßgeschneiderte Testdaten mit Faker und Alice (10:00) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 8
SOCIAL EVENT Kaffeepause (11:00)
Rating: 5 of 5 1
TALK Go lernen für einen Symfony Websocket Proxy (11:30) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 2
TALK Wie wir Code analysieren (12:30) Rating: 5 of 5 7
SOCIAL EVENT Mittagessen (13:30)
Rating: 4 of 5 4
TALK Modernisieren mit Symfony (14:30)
Alexander M. Turek
Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 5
TALK Pattern Library meets Symfony (15:00)
Christoph Reinartz
Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 7
TALK FOSRest 2.0 (15:30) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 2
SOCIAL EVENT Kaffeepause (16:00)
Rating: 0 of 5 0
TALK Open Heart Surgery (In Production) (16:30)
Jan van Thoor
Rating: 5 of 5 Slides available 5
TALK Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks (17:30) Rating: 4 of 5 Slides available 7
SOCIAL EVENT Social (18:30)
Rating: 0 of 5 0

29.Apr.2016 at 10:35 by Anja Liebermann (3 comments) via Web2 LIVE (Feedback)

The preparation for the workshops was awful. The information about what we nneed in preparation for the workshop was either wrong, incomplete or nonexistant.
This made attending the workshops more stressful than necessary and I was always spending 25% of the time setting up my system and not learning anything about the workshops topic.
Suggestion for improvement:
List with each workshop a correct and detailed list of mandatory and optional requirements. Of course not everybody will prepare his or her notebook, but it is a difference if 20 people are struggeling to setup their systems or just one or two.
And guys! We have the year of 2016! Why not have a github ( or equivalent) project , where everybody can get the essential project files to start with and update inbetween to get a new stage of the files?
Sumultaneously typing code of a barely readable screen and trying to follow what the speaker tells is not efficient for understanding.
What brings me to the readability of the screen: When the code was magnified it was ok. But everytime it was not, I could not discern between round, curly and square brackets. But, duh..., the difference is not important, is it?
Alltogether this made both workshop days for me a rather stressful than educating event.

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