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PHP London - April Meetup

PHP London - April Meetup

07.Apr.2016 - 07.Apr.2016
Sainsbury's HQ

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Dockerizing your CI/CD pipelines

This talk is intermediate level and should have a bit of something for everyone whether you’re building a standard pipeline (non-docker) or already have a pipeline and looking to see how docker will make it even stronger.

I will demonstrate how building pipelines with Docker differs from traditional pipelines, what steps are involved in migrating from traditional pipelines to docker ones. I will share my experiences, tips & tricks, lessons learned on my journey into docker land.

Speaker: Paul Dragoonis

Paul, from Glasgow, is passionate about software quality, architecture and continuous delivery.

He spends his time contributing to the PHP project & website, PHP-FIG, many frameworks and open source projects. He’s a member of the PHP-FIG group and lead developer of PPI Framework Engine (, where he focuses on multi-framework interoperability.

When not working on software Paul enjoys fishing, martial arts and sleeping.

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PHP London


TALK Dockerizing your CI/CD pipelines (20:00)
Paul Dragoonis
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