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London Vue.js #3  (Vue.js with Elixir & Real-time results board)

London Vue.js #3 (Vue.js with Elixir & Real-time results board)

07.Jul.2016 - 07.Jul.2016
MVF Global

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Welcome to London Vue.js Meetup #3 kindly hosted by MVF Global near Camden.

- - - - -

Talk #1 - Vue.js & Laravel Elixir for any project

Not a webpack ninja? Laravel Elixir makes a great front-end build system which just works out the box with little or no configuration.

In a completely blank project we will start with the basics and with real world use-cases and live code move on to cover a range of features including Vueify, Browserify, asset compilation, combination, & versioning to give you lots of ideas for how to structure your Vue.js projects.

Regardless of your backend stack (but using PHP examples), we'll then look at techniques for reading and writing data to / from your front-end.

- By @tomcastleman

- - - - -

Talk #2 - Real-time live results board & tips from working on a larger Vue.js app

Part 1; Vue.js, Node,, MongoDB working together to create a live results board for sporting events.

Part 2; Looking behind a larger app and tips learned from both.

Along the way see how to move from the simpler examples shown on to more complex apps and remain productive. Suited for people fairly new to Vue.js and/or those who have come to it from other languages.

- By @tomconlon

- - - - -

We're limited to 60 attendees.

Doors open from 6:30pm and first talk at 7pm.

Get your names down and spread the word using #LondonVuejs

For up to date information follow @jackbarham and @onejamesbrowne.

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