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PHP Dorset September 2016

PHP Dorset September 2016

05.Sep.2016 - 05.Sep.2016
Barclays Eagle Labs, County Gates House, Westbourne

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For September we're pleased to welcome Adam Tomat (@adamtomat) who will be speaking at our new venue, Eagle Labs Bournemouth, at our new time of 6:30 on "Pattern Libraries & WordPress:Chasing the Holy Grail" some more information from Adam below:
Pattern Libraries & WordPress: Chasing the Holy Grail
When working with WordPress, it’s common for frontend code to live within your theme; often mixing presentation with logic.

Pattern Libraries help with this separation and allow you to build a backend-agnostic design system. In practice keeping the two in sync is fiddly & time consuming that makes future iteration difficult. As soon as they fall out of sync, the cons start to outweigh the pros.

This talk will show you how to maintain a clear separation between your front-end & WordPress code, without any of the integration headaches. It will also cover pattern library best practices, how to integrate a pattern library with WordPress and how embracing both can be empowering.

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