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September Meetup - PHP Limburg BE

September Meetup - PHP Limburg BE

21.Sep.2016 - 21.Sep.2016
Corda Latte, Corda Campus, Hasselt

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This month we will be hosted by VicThorious, a promising startup in Hasselt (Corda Campus) in the cloud hosting & business intelligence sector.

We'll hear a talk from Bram Pieters, founder and CTO from VicThorious, about "Coding in a scalable environment". The talk will cover the most important do's and don'ts of designing an application to run in scalable environments - such as storage, database choices, architecture, session management, caching, security and performance, to name a few. Bram will also analyse what platforms like Heroku and VicThorious can do for you to scale up your application when the right moment comes.

The meeting will take place in the Corda Latte, the Cafe below building #1.


TALK Coding in a scalable environment (19:00)
Bram Pieters
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22.Sep.2016 at 08:34 by Nico Vromans (1 comments) via Web2 LIVE (Feedback)

This was the first meetup I attended, so I went in without any expectations. It most certainly was a pleasant and interesting experience.
Even though I'm fairly new to the webdevelopment/coding scene and some of the stuff addressed was completely new to me, I found this presentation to be quite informative and did pick up a few noteworthy things (like not putting too much non-code related stuff inside of your working directory, the importance of indexing a database and properly structuring it, ...).

Great speech, nicely structurd and done in a clear and understanding voice/volume.

I'll definitely attend more of these meetups in the future.

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