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PHP East Midlands Unconference 2016

PHP East Midlands Unconference 2016

26.Nov.2016 - 26.Nov.2016
Queens Building

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It's that time of the year again when a monthly meetup is just not enough geekery, the time of year where we need to have a day of talks on a wide range of topics given by the best speakers... you!

So join us for a day filled with great talks, food, great company and good conversations.

Think of an unconference like any other conference except the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the day.

Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space from the grid of available talk slots.

Unconferences can have talks, panels or discussions the format is up to the person claiming the slot. If you want to raise a talk topic before hand feel free drop into slack, or send an email to and suggest something.

The talks themselves are in groups of a maximum of about 30 people, a small unintimiadating audience, everyone is welcome to speak. If you want to just listen, that's fine too, come along and mingle with people just like you!

Lunch is included within the ticket price.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us on Twitter (@PHPem).

27.Nov.2016 at 09:39 by Nigel Greenway (59 comments) via Web2 LIVE (Feedback)

As usual, a great day with so many great discussions both in the talks and in the hallway.

If you are looking to ever increase your knowledge and make some resourceful contacts I could not recommend this event enough. A fair price with so much to benefit from. The organisers couldn't do a better job.

Thank you

Track 1
Room 0.13
13 sessions
Track 2
Room 0.11
7 sessions
Track 3
Room 0.15
0 sessions

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